What is Livecharts?

In recent years, social media has taken an increasingly prominent place in society. It is the best way to quickly reach a large group of people.

It can be time-consuming to create a message for social media that is interesting to read, matches what you want to convey as an organization and is laid out in the corporate identity. Outsourcing often results in high costs and long lead times. Livecharts makes generating professional social media content very easy.

Livecharts is an online application that allows you to create a variety of images and animated videos in your browser. These are immediately suitable for posting on your social media channels. When you purchase a license from us, you get your own environment with a number of custom templates that fit the type of messages you want to share. These templates are of course perfectly designed in your corporate identity. From that moment on, generating social media content is done in an instant. 

Livecharts was originally developed in collaboration with the Central Bureau of Statistics.


There are many ways in which Livecharts can benefit your organization, which we list below. But you’ll understand the benefits best if you experience using it yourself. To do so, you can go to our demo environment or contact us so that we can tell you more about it.

Livecharts unlimited

You can create any number of Livecharts with an unlimited number of employees at fixed, low-license costs. The more Livecharts you make, the cheaper it becomes.


Perfect fit to your corporate identity

All templates are formatted in the corporate identity of the specific organization. You determine which aspects can be adjusted. This allows you to outsource the creation of content with confidence.

"Easy peasy lemon squeezy"

Choose a template, select a house style color, adjust the text, add an image and generate the animation. These are literally the only steps required to create a Livechart.

Working from home? No problem

Livecharts is Web-based, so you don’t need to install any software and can use it anywhere. Employees can also easily create Livecharts at home.

Central corporate identity updates

The templates are easy to adjust by us, so that changes can be implemented across your organization in one go.

Forever yours

All generated Livecharts become your property. You can continue to use them even after the end of the license agreement.


The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) uses Livecharts in their social media posts, YouTube videos and other sharing platforms and publications. The Court of Audit has also been using Livecharts since early 2020.

Below you can find a compilation of a number of posts created in Livecharts and published by the CBS and  the Court of Audit.

Central Bureau of Statistics

Court of Audit

How does it work?

Livecharts is simple to use. Within minutes, you can use it to create animated messages, which are immediately available for sharing. Before you start, we will design your environment to completely match your corporate identity. Once this is done, everyone in your organization can create unlimited Livecharts of their own.

We have made a Livechart to show you how it works.

This video was created in our own demo environment. Check it out and see for yourself.


Jens Doorschodt


Never afraid of a new adventure, Jens has joined Livecharts to take up the commercial side. He is happy to demo and explain the added value of Livecharts to you and is also available for the occasional dad-joke.

Jorma Turkenburg

R&D and sales 

Jorma originally conceived and created Livecharts. He likes to invent and build new features. He is also very enthusiastic about his creation and likes to share this enthusiasm with others.

Daan van Dijk


Daan likes to make beautiful things. He helps organizations convert their corporate identity into templates. He will happily work with you if you have your own creative idea for an animation. 

Sjoerd Vosse

Software development

Sjoerd is our “incognito” programmer. He ensures that all systems continue to run in the background and that the Livecharts framework is further developed.

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